Built in 1962, ROMEXPO in Bucharest is the biggest exhibition centre and the main organizer of fairs and exhibitions in Romania. The complex covers a total area of 421,700 sqm, out of which more than half is the actual exhibition surface. There are 15 exhibition halls and 21 conference halls with a capacity of 1.000 seats, services by a parking with 2.700 places. Here are held annually over 40 manifestations, exhibitions and commercial events attended by exhibitors and visitors from Romania and abroad.


Apart from the fairs and exhibitions that it hosts, ROMEXPO is also the perfect venue for concerts and indoor sports competitions.

How to get there:

ROMEXPO is situated 15 minutes away by car from Henri Coanda International Airport and 10 minutes away by car from Bucharest’s North Railway Station.

By metro: Take the metro to 1 Mai Station and then walk for 15-20 minutes, following Clabucet St…

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